Lighting the Way

This past week-end Hubby took me to Hickory Corners, to the northwest of Battle Creek – of cereal fame. Hickory Corners is little more than a crossroad in farming country but thousands of people went there to attend the car show at the Gilmore Car Museum. Hubby likes old cars and he needed a hubcap for the ’59 Chevy he just bought. I went because none of his car-loving buddies could go and I thought it would be fun to practice my car photography skills.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is “lights” and I just happened to take a few photos of, you guessed it, car lights.

If you love classic cars, old cars, pedal cars, motorcycles or vehicles powered by steam or electric, this is a wonderful place to visit. The grounds are beautiful with many vintage buildings – you can get more information at

Hey Hubby, I’m looking forward to another visit when the grounds aren’t filled with people and cars.

30 thoughts on “Lighting the Way

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  3. Enjoyed these, I love old cars, and have a little ’69 Sprite that has been on loads of trips in the past, and I have driven it around many of the racing circuits in Europe! 🙂


    • I found it more rewarding to take photos in the museum buildings than outside. Outside there are too many people that walk between my camera and the car and the cars are too close together.


    • If you mean the caption – you fill that out when you are adding media. To type after the photo, you click on the photo and there will be a black line either on the left or right side of the photo. If it is left and you click enter, the photo moves down a space, if it is right, the curser moves down a space. Call me if this isn’t what you want to know.


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