Fire Escapes

In response to this week’s FFF challenge posted by Frizz, I just happen to have some photos of fire escapes. Stairs hanging from buildings fascinate me and these are my favorites – so far.

Grass Lake 108

Eaton Rapids 050

Eaton Rapids 053

I hope you will think about things that depict the letter f and join in the Fun by visiting Frizz:

20 thoughts on “Fire Escapes

  1. fabulous F theme with little to choose between them though fave is probably #2 – am now following your blog 🙂


    • Thanks for following and also the nice words. It seems like 2 is the fav although I thought the one with pretty flowers would be the most liked.


    • Yes it is. I took one from another perspective that is also interesting. I’ll use it in a future post when I don’t have any fresh photos.


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