D is for – Diner

Every small town has one – the place where the farmers go for breakfast after morning chores, the retired fellows sit around a big table drinking coffee and telling stories, business owners grab a quick lunch, friends meet, families go for birthdays and anniversaries. It is the local diner. It is where everyone knows everyone.

Grass Lake 105

I remember stopping once in a small town to ask a person on the street where’s a good place to eat. He said there was a nice place over by the interstate – but I interrupted and asked where he went to eat. “Oh,” he said, “go down to the light, turn left and go two blocks. You’ll see it on your right, where all the cars are.”

Homer 077

We were glad we asked.

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12 thoughts on “D is for – Diner

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    • There is a diner in a nearby small village called “Jus’ Bad Food”. Just a small diner in a strip mall but with really good food and fun people. Thanks for the comment! šŸ™‚


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