Moving Nomads

Michele, one of those creative people at WordPress who give us inspiration for our posting, asked us about living the nomadic life and moving. I immediately thought of one of my favorite photos taken on the highland pastures of Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan. I was there in late spring – when the pass was just opening up. Nomatic Kyrgyz were moving their yurts, belongings, families and herds to the green pastures high in the mountains. Because Kyrgyzstan is quite arid, they move from the dry village at lower elevations to the lake and grasslands. Here is moving day for one nomadic family.



Building a Yurt, Setting up the summer home.

P6160516To hear more about this daily prompt and to participate, you will have to move on over to this WordPress post.

12 thoughts on “Moving Nomads

    • They love the Russians because during the time they were part of the USSR there was a lot of infrastructure built and the country was modernized. The truck and much of the farm equipment used in the country outside of Bishkek is still soviet era. A good portion of the farming is still done by hand.


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    • I was wondering that. These are people who move here every year and I almost think that they have a system of squatter’s rights to land. They don’t appear to set up too close to each other. This is something I didn’t think to ask about.


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