Travel Theme: Tilted

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is tilted. In my travels through the back roads of southern Michigan, I have seen lots of tilted barns and just posted on one of them here. I smile whenever I think of this window in the leaning barn in that post. It is almost like the window is trying to compensate for the sagging wall.

Homer 187

Here is another leaner.

Leaning Corn Crib of Jackson County

Leaning Corn Crib of Jackson County

You can lean on over to Ailsa’s blog to see more examples of off kilter and to share your interpretations.

10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Tilted

  1. I love love LOVE your headline banner. I never get tired of poppies.

    Tilted sounds like an interesting theme. I`ll be going around with my head to one side all week!


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