grass lake 305

Farmhouse Windows

26 thoughts on “Farmhouse Windows

    • I hadn’t thought of describing it as comforting but you are so right. It looks like a good place to be safe and relaxed. Except for the couple of crazy old ladies with cameras out on the road taking photos. 🙂


    • Oh, you have good taste. Now I know where to visit. 🙂 Happy that you identified with it. They had a nice number and size of out buildings for some big-boy toys or different cars for different days of the week (my fantasy).


        • Mustang convertible – ’66 or ’67. We live in Michigan and my husband has had a restored car of one kind or another for as long as I can remember. But he is limited to one at a time because of lack of storage – but just happened to end up with two right now. If you live in Michigan you really do need to enjoy old cars.


  1. What a beautiful farm house. Would love to know who lived there, when was it built and what it looks like inside. The second floor windows are wonderful!


    • It definitely pulled us over – and it was the second story windows that most appealed to me, too. I like how the tree branch frames the windows. Thanks for commenting, Linda – been thinking about you.


    • What a wonderful surprise, Rod. My daughter did a doll house and I have had some fun with smaller projects with miniatures. I find miniatures intriguing – but this farmhouse is full size. 🙂


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