My Dot on the Map: Too Late

Yesterday I posted on the work farm, owned by the Barn Doctor. A couple of weeks ago we found this barn while driving north from Homer, Michigan. I think it is beyond the help of the Barn Doctor.

Homer 214

Homer 172

This makes me really sad, to see a barn starting to fall down. The new barns are steel sided, single story pole barns and just don’t have the personality and beauty of these old wooden barns. We drove to Grand Rapids today, up M-50, and the countryside is dotted with beautiful wooden barns – usually red but also white, brown, sometimes yellow or grey. I think I’ll have to take the drive by myself so I can stop and take photos to my heart’s content. Hubby is wonderful about stopping and offered several times but I have a hard time getting lost in my quest for the perfect perspective if I know he is waiting in the car.

12 thoughts on “My Dot on the Map: Too Late

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    • Okay, so you are telling me to just say stop the car and let them deal with it? I guess if I bring my camera in the car it is a pretty good indication that I plan on taking some photos. 🙂


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  3. I love barns! Looking forward to your next barn journey to see what you bring back 🙂
    I used to feel bad about leaving husband in the car, but he’s so used to it now. He just asks that I take my phone because I have been known to stray 😉


  4. Image number 2 for me, and I would crop it slightly and play around wit it a bit…could look really mysterious….maybe in black and and white! But good find, whatever! 🙂 you know I like old things.


    • I played around a bit with it but didn’t try black and white. You are welcome to take it and see what you come up with – I love to see how your brain works with it. 🙂 I was wanting to show the distortion of the lean but you are right – it could make a great Halloween photo.


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