My Dot on the Map: The Boathouse

Boathouse 174

The last few years of working I drove the back way. This involved going down Matthews Rd. until just before it turns to dirt, turning right on Teft Rd. Teft Road takes me through a wetlands marsh, past the Lime Lake County Park, around two sharp turns where the road divides some farm fields, past Williams Dairy Farm with the stinky cows, and into the village of Spring Arbor where the university is. This drive to and from work made me smile – it still does.

I never knew there was a lake in the marsh, across from Lime Lake, and never saw the boathouse. Probably because the marsh grasses and cattails are high enough to hide it when traveling in a normal vehicle. One morning early this spring I decide to stop to take some photos of the cattails going to seed and there it was – as if appearing by magic. There were a couple of men fishing in an aluminum boat on the lake – and they noticed me peeking through the tall grass.

I’m taking photos, mostly listening to the Red-wing Blackbirds and other critters that reside in the marsh, feeling totally at peace with the world. I’ve pulled mostly off the road with my flashers going – although there isn’t any traffic. I see a car coming that slows down as it approaches, and a woman asks if I need help.ย No, just taking some photos.ย What are you taking pictures of? – couldn’t tell if she was curious or leery or thinking I was a little loony.

Told her I was taking photos of the boathouse and she says that she has some swans on the lake. Maybe she owns the boathouse and the lake. I thank her for stopping and she goes on her way. She had probably gone into the village to pick up her mail at the post office.

And that’s life at My Dot on the Map.

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