A Special Gift


This is granddaughter Sarah, who is 11 years old. She is staying at our house for a few days and likes to check in with mom and dad. But what she is really excited about is making a special gift for her other grandma who lives in Nevada. Grandma Rita is in poor health and Sarah wanted to make a lap quilt for her.


Sarah loves Star Wars, fashion designing, fishing, camouflage and glitz, sports and especially sewing. She likes sewing so much that she received her own sewing machine last Christmas and made her Easter dress, complete with a little jacket. When we talked about what we would do during her visit, she already knew the project she wanted to work on and knew that Grandma had the fabrics she needed. I was delighted.


I took Sarah downstairs where I store my quilting fabrics and told her to pick out 24 colored fabrics and 24 white fabrics. Her first go-through resulted in probably 75 of her favorites which she then narrowed down to about 35 (with 12 more whites). After I cut the squares, she decided on layout and sewed them together. I was the technical adviser and assistant (the one who takes out stitches and presses).

sarahs quilt 010

We needed backing fabric so were forced 🙂 to go to the fabric store. She pulled out a few fabrics but when she saw these butterflies her eyes twinkled.

I think Sarah is going to be a quilter. She preferred buying fat quarters of fabric for her newly formed stash (raided from Grandma’s stash) than getting her toe nails painted at the salon. My heart is bursting with pride. It is great being old and wise and patient and a mentor to the young. Being Grandma Pat is much more fun than being the parent.

12 thoughts on “A Special Gift

  1. I bet you were really forced into the fabric store! 🙂 My MIL is a quilter like you and she can stay there for hours.
    Your granddaughter is so talented. I can barely make a straight stitch. 🙂 What nice bonding time you have with each other.


    • It was wonderful, Imelda. I told Sarah of another fabric store I go to in the next town and she said she wants to go. Tough work but…


  2. I want to come raid your quilt fabric stash too 😉 (And get some good pointers on how exactly to get my stitches to work out, etc)
    Three cheers for Grandma Pat! Sarah’s learning so much from you, and will one day treasure this time you’re spending together.


    • Thanks, Heather. Sarah said the best part of her stay was sewing and she is soooooo proud of her quilt. I treasure the time I spend with each granddaughter because it gives me a chance to get to know the person each is becoming.


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