Foggy Morning Barn

I decided to leave a little early yesterday morning to take some photos of a barn that has been calling to me for some time. It was another one of those foggy mornings and the sun was just beginning to burn its way through.

Broad Museum 018

The other end of the barn isn’t faring as well. I think they are salvaging some of it – I hope so.

Broad Museum 013

At first I thought it very sad, but then I remembered that I am donating my organs when I die. These barns have such beautiful lines and were built to last – but not forever. They are wood and are expensive to maintain once the farm is no longer active so there are a lot of decaying barns dotting the countryside, the wood rejoining the earth. Some people have the energy and vision to find uses for various elements and materials. A friend has been collecting the huge beams from barns that are being demolished to use in a cider mill he is breathing new life into.


12 thoughts on “Foggy Morning Barn

    • The work had to get done, so you know the farmer worked through sadness, grief, joy, anger, excitement, anxiety… Thanks for commenting and getting me thinking about it. πŸ™‚


  1. I love old barns, too! There are many of them near where I live in South Central Texas; some of them I am saving for an adventure when the weather is cooler, or perhaps even foggy! It’s horribly hot right now; probably about 102F or more. Love this picture.

    Many folks in this area use reclaimed barn wood to make beautiful furniture. I have a friend who has a kitchen table made out of reclaimed pine flooring; the chairs are benches. So beautiful and Texas Rustic, but it’s finished beautifully. Thanks for posting, and for visiting my blog. I appreciate it!


    • Enjoyed your comment. Just talked to my daughter who lives in Victoria Texas and she said it has been HOT. Thanks for adding some interesting info to my post. πŸ™‚


    • Yes, although humidity drops for us in September. I always look forward to the cooler and dryer air. Isn’t amazing how certain feels or smells or in this case images remind us of a time of year.


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