19 thoughts on “Hard Working Barn

  1. I love photographs of old barns. Like you I spot many as I drive, but cannot find a safe place to park. Have thought about taking up bike riding, but not sure my aging knees would appreciate it!


  2. I love a chipped red barn. I grew up with white ones, and have the saddest memories watching one of our old giants burn down one winter morning. Seeing farms gloriously age brings me in touch with childhood 🙂


  3. Ooh, I love that first shot, and the second with the poor, forlorn pump! I think what we like about these images is, in addition to colours and textures, the back story. The sense of time passed, the events of the past, lives lived etc. I love ruins as much for the emotive stuff as well as the ‘beauty in decay’…and decaying barns are one of the main sources of ruins in America, it seems to me (please do tell me off if I’ve got this wrong!).


    • I had never thought about barns being the man source of ruins in America but I think you nailed it. Students and I loved climbing around old ruins in the Scottish Highlands and our daughter took us to a ruins in Switzerland. Barns allow us to touch a part of the past. Thanks.


    • I know – I wonder what the appeal is. I have hesitated posting these because – well they seem like they should be boring, but they aren’t.


    • Thanks, Rod. We live in an area with a lot of old barns and I love them. Unfortunately I can’t always find a place to park the car or get close enough to them without meeting up with a dog that doesn’t think I belong there. 🙂 Dogs always win!


  4. I like your way of seeing. It shows in your photographs and you writing. I’m finding that contrary to much of what is said about the Internet it can be a place where kind and gentle things are said and appreciated. Please don’t stop.


    • Steven, what a kind and sweet thing to say. I had to learn with my work with students to be truthful and honest when I had to deliver hard-to-hear news. My goal was for them to want to thank me. There is no need for mean and harsh words or deeds. Thank you for visiting.


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