Will You Be My Friend?

I’ve been remembering children’s books the past couple of days. Maybe having a child in the house does that – and I have read lots of children’s books over the years. One of our favorites, I think the boys liked it, was “Will You Be My Friend?” about a little mouse who goes up to all kinds of animals and asks, “Will you be my friend?’ and all of them say “no”. Until he meets up with another little mouse who says yes.

Coming back from buying strawberries this morning, I noticed that the horses were out so Lindsay and I walked over to check them out and of course to take some photos. They were on the other side of the pen when we got there, but after a while they munched their way closer.

Lindsay climbed up on the bottom board so she could see over the fence.

horses 048

Lindsay liked the white one best and just maybe the feelings are mutual, but the horse is big and a little, well, intimidating at first.

horses 052

Lindsay named the horse “Snowy Chloe”. Grandpa and Lindsay just returned from a walk to check them out and she says that the horse came right up to the fence so Lindsay could pet her this time. Will you be my friend?

12 thoughts on “Will You Be My Friend?

        • I had missed it so I went back. Your use of words is really vivid in this one. I wore out so many Little Golden Books. And then I remember getting my first “real” book – with a library binding. I moved all of my Little Golden Books to the bottom shelf of my two-shelf bookcase and put the “real” book on the top shelf – all by itself!


        • It’s nice to meet someone with the same sort of memory. I love that you put the “real” book on top but still kept your Golden Books. Lovely! Even as kids we make ritual, don’t we?


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