The Word in My Ear whispered that the word this week is “VIBRANT”. I searched my files and found vibrant flowers, and vibrant butterflies, a vibrant peacock, and even some very vibrant fabrics from my favorite fabric store. But I couldn’t resist choosing the vibrant red of juicy, just-picked-this-morning fresh Michigan strawberries.

Strawberries 013

My favorite way to eat these beauties is over a warm baking powder biscuit, with a big scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, and topped with a mound of lightly sweetened berries. I’m being successful with my weight loss so the biscuits will wait for another year and instead I topped unsweetened berries with some greek yogurt and a sprinkle of the Splenda/brown sugar mix. I thoroughly enjoyed it – and was without guilt!

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28 thoughts on “Vibrant

  1. Very inviting photo… healthy food can be as tasty as unhealthy food… for sweetener I buy unprocessed local honey at the farmers market… a little dab of honey goes a long way!


  2. First you tempt me with rhubarb pie, and now it’s strawberries. I see a trip to the farmers market in my future for plenty of both of these! The strawberries look absolutely delightful. I bet they don’t even need much sweetening.


  3. Now that is vibrant indeed and even my tastebuds are having a vibrating effect on my tongue now! LOL! Great shot and entry for the challenge. 😀


  4. Beautiful photo! You sound like you are taking good care of yourself and eating healthy.
    Here is some unsolicited advice about Splenda – (I hope I do not offend; if so please delete and say no more!)

    I’ve been told by a doctor that Splenda (sucralose) is a neurotoxin……….please feel free to look it upon the web. Try “stevia”, try that for a sweetener. I think it’s awful by itself, so I mix Stevia with coconut sugar (organic), and Xylitol; Stevia and Xylitol are both natural sweeteners. Mixing Stevia and Xylitol and coconut sugar makes a nice sweetener that I use for tea.

    That berry dessert made me hungry; alas, no Michigan berries in the house…..will have to settle for yogurt, but I don’t think it will be the same. Dang! Enjoying your blog……….nice post!


    • I am glad you mentioned it Office Diva. I heard it on tv too just this week. Good thing I haven’t gotten into the habit of using stevia or other substitute sugar but who knows what’s in my coffee creamer.

      I love the strawberries by the way Pat.


    • Thanks for the heads up. Actually I would like to avoid all artificial sweeteners and sugar so I have gotten used to using less and what little I use I use different ones. That way I get less of any one toxin. I have eliminated diet sodas from my diet almost completely and reduce the amount of sugar in recipes. It sure takes a lot of work to keep our bodies toxin free.


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