6 thoughts on “Out to Pasture

  1. I love the title, Pat. Sometimes objects serve a purpose other than that which they were designed for. In this case, it is a poignant reminder of the past, and a very picturesque one at that!


  2. A wonderful photo! Something about items once used until they’ve retired or have been replaced always captures my attention. It’s somewhat a glimpse of the past standing still in current times.
    I hope that made sense. Because it did in my head – LOL
    Lovin’ you new avatar Pat. You’re a cutie! 🙂


    • I guess I must capture attention because I have been retired and am a glimpse of “the past standing still in current times”. 😀 I did this post at 2:00 am and I wanted to do a reflection on being retired but not out to pasture but the words just didn’t come. I guess the message was in the photo because comments are helping me think through (in the morning light) what wouldn’t come in the middle of the night.
      Thanks for the giggle about the avatar, RoSy.


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