My Dot on the Map: Eli Stilson’s Log House

From a very early age I had a romanticized view of living in a log cabin in the wilderness. I spent a lot time thinking about how I would make it comfortable and inviting. It was my way of learning how to tame the wild. When I grew up and comfortably settled in my suburban home, I read the Little House on the Prairie books to my kids. On car trips, even my husband asked me to read these books for him and the kids.

Log cabins still stimulate my imagination. This is the Eli Stilson Log Cabin on the grounds of the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan.


Side door

Side door


14 thoughts on “My Dot on the Map: Eli Stilson’s Log House

  1. As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been reading your archives.

    Now I really can’t believe that we both had this romantic idea of a log cabin in the wilderness. I used to use this vision to get to sleep on bad nights of FM pain.

    I would picture my fantasy log cabin in the country and then mindfully plan the garden, design the herb beds, decorate the rooms and paint watercolours to supplement my income as a Herbalist. (I do have a certificate in Medical Herbalism and another in Aromatherapy & massage). There was a whole fantasy life I imagined on those dark nights when pain would keep me awake for hours. Eventually after several months, I only had to picture the fantasy cabin itself in my mind and I would fall asleep.

    Dreams & fantasies make good bed mates when you have chronic pain.


    • I love your fantasy. I use visual imagery a lot – and of course good old fashion denial also works well. But my best help is putting my camera in front of my face. πŸ™‚ And yes, I noticed you are going through my archives. All those likes have made my day!


  2. Like the image….now, just a thought… how about a truly abandoned, neglected, seen-better-days log cabin for a moodily atmospheric image?? Are there any I wonder?


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