My Dot on the Map: Schoolhouse

Less then a mile down the road from where I live is an old one-room school house made into a home.

Hutchinson School

Lydia Hutchinson’s School

I go by it several times a day and each time I think I should stop and take some pictures. At the end of last week’s photo shoot with Julie, we decided to stop. The owner was pulling out of the drive as we were parking so we asked if we could take some pictures. She excitedly said yes and explained that it was Lydia Hutchinson’s school and it had been part of the farm up the road on the corner of Maple Dale. We could tell that she is in love with this building.

It seemed like a no-brainer that we needed to stop at the farmhouse. It was our day because the owner, a man who looked about 70ish was standing up by the house. He also was more than happy to let us take photos and followed me around giving me tidbits of history as I snapped.

Two front doors - one each for the political right & left?

Two front doors – one each for the political right & left?

_DSC0779This man is the son of Lydia’s sister and he and his wife will be the last family members to live on the farm. All but 120 acres have been sold off.


He explained that there are four doors going into the parlor because it was bad luck to bring dead bodies through the front doors when they had showings and visitations.

There were several outbuildings – some he was able to keep up and use for storage. Right behind these are others that haven’t been maintained and he seems quite troubled by this. Keeping up the property is a lot of work.



Behind these outbuildings Julie found a path that was mowed and went to another path that ran between fields.


His wife had walked this path back to the woods the other morning. There, at the end, was a new spotted fawn waiting for mother to return. It is the kind of path that would make a morning walk very enjoyable.

All this interesting history within a mile of my house. I wonder what else I don’t know about my neighbors?

25 thoughts on “My Dot on the Map: Schoolhouse

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  3. Beautiful! Love the stone on the front of the schoolhouse. It is so different from the ones l have seen. Loved the farm. You sense the love and pride in all the buildings. Thanks.


  4. It’s nice to see an old school building still standing. Thanks for sharing the pix!
    There is one by our house too – but it looks like it was converted into a home.


  5. A couple of our “neighbors” (in quotes because our neighborhood is quite large with not many neighbors) have centennial farms. One of them held a neighborhood barbeque a couple years ago that we had planned to attend, but I ended up in the hospital discovering an allergy to flying, stinging insects. Perhaps I’ll get motivated to learn more about my neighbors like you have.
    Would love to see the inside of that schoolhouse!


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