Beauty thru my Lens: Iris

morning flowers 033-2

A week or so ago I posted this in a gallery of flowers I took in the early morning light. They have come out and once again I am amazed at its beauty. Iris is such a graceful flower.

Iris 230

garden center 011

14 thoughts on “Beauty thru my Lens: Iris

    • I am having so much fun photographing them and probably because they are as you describe them. A rose will look beautiful from any angle but I have gotten some really weird iris compositions. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comment.


  1. Pat this is Gorgeous ! Looks like wet watercolour the frilled edging 🙂
    I’m awaiting my Generals to sally forth in bloom any day now …


    • I think they are just beautiful and if I take enough photos of them, I can find one that captures what they are. 🙂 I work on quantity although I think I must be getting better because I have to take less to get one.


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