Sheza – Part 2

Sheza 140

This morning I had another photo shoot with Sheza, friend Lynn’s horse. We made plans last night over supper (I supped with Lynn, not Sheza) and I hoped for another beautiful sunny early morning but we got grey skies instead. She expected an early morning call to cancel and I was so tired and so achy I almost did but I hate losing the opportunity for some practice shots. We have fun because Lynn loves Sheza and riding, and I love to photograph – and if it isn’t a perfect day there is always next week.

This week we went across the road to a field where Lynn and Sheza could show their form. I don’t think Lynn will be able to print most of these because they are grainy due to the low light but they are fun to look at. Clicking on any picture will allow you to view in a slide show and see larger images.

Once again Adam was annoyed that he wasn’t taken along. He protested a lot and did some things that looked like “attitude”.

Shazza 037 Shazza 036

I am really happy with these photos because I recognize that I am gaining confidence and skill with practice. I learned something important about photographing Sheza. Lynn has trained her very well so she is disciplined. When Lynn is mounted, Sheza doesn’t even graze the thick, lush grass of the field. If I want to capture Sheza’s character and beauty, I have to see her working. These photos show her personality so much better than the first set I took. I suppose there are times when Sheza and Adam play together but I’m not there for those moments. The next group will be even better because I’ll wait for good light. Here is the link to my previous photos of Sheza and Adam.

7 thoughts on “Sheza – Part 2

  1. I can’t believe you said Adam isn’t well trained! :). His owner wasn’t there asking him to do anything and you tried to steal away his girlfriend. The pictures are beautiful. I hope you will come out again when I am riding.


    • I think I said Adam has “attitude” which he does. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have gotten the best pictures of him because of his attitude. Besides I know attitude, especially when I have it! I would love nothing better than to come when you are riding. Because Adam is white, bright sun isn’t good for shooting him – but just let me know. Morning or evening would be great. You can get my number from Lynn.


    • Susan, if you would like these pictures, e-mail me at People also really like the other ones I posted of Adam and I will send them to you. A professional photographer who has a photo in the Smithsonian told me those first ones of Adam were really good.


    • Thank you so much, Nora. That was my goal. I want to capture the personality of Sheza. Adam isn’t well trained so it is easy to capture his personality. Lynn has worked hard to train Sheza so he stands still when he is suppose to and photos of him were quite boring – until I saw him out in the field working with her. Then his beauty and character cam out.


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