Tree with a Secret Escape

Weeping European Beech

Weeping European Beech

This is a tree with a surprise. It doesn’t look like anything special, and the first tree we saw wasn’t as nicely shaped as this one so we almost didn’t notice it when we were photographing blossoming fruit trees at Hidden Lake Gardens. Julie happened to look at it as she was passing and noticed the inside of the tree.

Peek inside.

Peek inside.

Inside was a secret room with branches spreading out and a tent of green letting dappled light filter in. It is the type of space where we create secret clubhouses. It is the type of space where we escape from the world because no one can see us or hear us when we enter. It is a place for pretending.

The Secret Room

The Secret Room

When we grow up we can take our new love there to steal a kiss within the protection of our secret place. But don’t tell anyone.

Love Proclaimed

Love Proclaimed

Frizz is up to Tagged T and this tree with a secret meets this challenge to a “T”. You can find more interpretations and submit your own “T” without trepidation at:

I got a little behind this past week because I escaped to the Upper Pennisula of Michigan with a friend. I think this post also is a good interpretation for “escape”.  If you feel like escaping, you can find more about this Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge at:

45 thoughts on “Tree with a Secret Escape

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    • No, it is a beech according the the tag hanging. It forms the same type of canopy but the branching is different and the leaves are different. I had never seen one – it really is a neat tree. The kid in me loved it.


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