Goslings in the Park

We were driving through a city park the other evening when I noticed a couple of families of geese on the shore of the lagoon. I couldn’t resist stopping for a family photo shoot. I slowly walked closer, stopping every couple of steps to take some shots. I sat on a picnic table and took some more. I decided to get even closer – with papa goose watching me closely.

geese 050

Every time I moved or took a couple of steps closer, papa would give me a warning with a mighty hiss.

geese 058

We slowly reached a compromise with me getting quite close but also respecting his family. Although we really don’t need more geese in the park, these are so cute who can complain (my hubby did).

There were two families and one seemed a little old as they wandered a little farther away from the shore and ate more grass. The goslings were also a bit bigger and the parents less protective.

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