Spring: Lilacs

neighborhood lilacs 050

Julie and I went to HIdden Lake Gardens again this week – especially to see the lilacs that are blooming in southern Michigan. We saw a whole lot more – another 4 hours more. But when I saw Cee’s challenge this week is spring – I had to do the lilacs. Daffodils and tulips also mean spring – but it has snowed on daffodils and tulips many times. I have never seen snow on lilacs so that means lilac season is really spring.

The flowering trees and shrubs are spectacular this year so I couldn’t resist a walk around the neighborhood. Three of the photos in this post are compliment of neighbors.

19 thoughts on “Spring: Lilacs

    • Even though I spent the winter in subtropics so missed the long hard winter, I STILL chase spring flowers. But then I also chase fall color. šŸ™‚ I look for the lilacs with some the bods because the buds provide a burst of color. Enjoyed both your comments – gave me a morning smile. šŸ™‚


  1. Lovely lilacs, Pat! I always associate them with Mother’s Day because Lilac Sunday at the Arboretum in Boston always seems to fall around Mother’s Day. It is intoxicating when there so many in bloom at the same time!


  2. These are beautiful flowers & smell oh so gooood! Way back when I was single & still living with my parents (lived there until I got married at 25). I used to love the time when the lilacs bloomed. I would just chill on my bed with the windows open & take deep breaths & take in the scent. And – when I was outside – I loved just sitting on the steps catching the scent amongst the breeze. So peaceful – so zen.


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