Beaches of the Maritime Provences

Ailsa has her backpack on and headed for the beaches of Seattle. I though I would do the opposite coast and picked some of my favorites from the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Hope the jet lag doesn’t hit too hard.

23 thoughts on “Beaches of the Maritime Provences

  1. This is one area of Canada I haven’t been to yet – it is definitely on my list. I especially want to go to Nova Scotia, for some reason. But I’m from Texas and I just don’t like to be cold! hahaha! These are beautiful.


    • 🙂 I understand. We suffer in spring in Michigan after spending the winter in Florida. I suggest going in July and August, when we think it is hot – but take some sweatshirts just in case.


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    • My pleasure. Nova Scotia is absolutely beautiful. We have been to Nova Scotia three times but never to the southern region. It is on our agenda. We had planned on doing it last fall but we ran out of time doing Newfoundland.


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