Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 17

A friend and I were on our way to Hidden Lake Gardens with time to spare before it opened. We were driving along a country two-lane highway, one of those that has a lot of interesting things to look at along the way.

And there it was! This old barn with the morning sun shining on it so beautifully. It had character, the kind of character we get when we get old. Anyway, back to the barn. Julie put on the breaks and I found a drive that would take us to it. We then spent a delightful half an hour walking around taking lots of photos of the barn’s character and the other out buildings.

Hidden Lake 002-2

What was fascinating was that this very old barn, in disrepair, next to a house that looked empty and was for sale, has new windows. See them along the front?

Hidden Lake 014

If you like windows and have some photos of interesting ones in your files – or there is one you have been meaning to capture, you can join the fun by peeking in at the following blog:

18 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 17

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    • It caught our attention. No matter what reason for doing it I come up with, my next thought is “but that doesn’t make sense.” But they make me smile – maybe that is the purpose. 🙂


  2. Love that barn! Completely my kind of thing, I would have been in there snooping around! Last weekend, I did a detour to a deserted village (not much left now), the most interesting building was cordoned off as unsafe…so I just had to get closer (didn’t go inside, I don’t have a death wish)! Maybe I’ll post some images soon. Character, that’s the thing!


    • Please do post them, Sue. I would love to see them. I am like you – brave enough to cross the cordoned tape but not foolish enough to fall through a rotted floor. I have some more photos of this barn that I’ll put in another post.


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