Orange: a gentle frame of mind.

Skinnywench has posted her “Word a Week Challenge” as orange. I’m in a gentle frame of mind – and most shades of orange aren’t my favorite. Orange is such a hot color that it usually doesn’t facilitate a gentle frame of mind – it excites us. As I am thinking about this, I look around and realize that I have used quite a bit of orange in my living room – as accent color for my very gentle, quiet, green public living areas. But they are gentle oranges.

So my challenge this morning was to go through my files and find oranges that fit my gentle-frame-of-mind mood. I wanted to use photos I haven’t posted before, which means that they were photos that I had passed over because they were orange – and well orange isn’t usually the color I enjoy working with. Here are some oranges that maintain my gentle-frame-of-mind mood.


  1. I was thinking as I read that actually Orange is NOT an angry hyper aura color. It’s passion and vitality. It’s life. Having the ‘body’ integrate the orange and utilize it efficiently, has helped me with the fibro and other stress and pain areas. There are many good greens and then some icky ones that relate to greed, avarice, and other rather nasty issues. The Peach tones that you seemed to choose are something else 🙂


    • Thanks for the insight. You are so right. I wear a lot of peach and people tell me it is a very good color on me. And as I said, I have used a fair amount of dark coral oranges as accents in my livingroom. I like how you think about color.


    • Thanks. I have discovered that I don’t dislike orange, there are just certain shades I don’t like. When I gave it a little though I realized that I wear some shades of orange very well. This has been a learning experience. 🙂


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