Floral Friday: Red Tulips

I only have one clump of tulips. I would love to fill my garden with them – and the deer would be happy, too. Tulips are their favorite dessert. The deer don’t usually get these because they are close to the house and a little difficult to get to. When deer are well fed they get a little lazy. They were around last night because the ends of my day lily foliage have been chewed up.

030 035 036How many photos can a woman take of one small clump of tulips? As many as the memory card can hold. I hope that you find lots of small pleasures on this third of May.

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13 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Red Tulips

    • Yes they do, and they nibble at all our landscaping. Last year I saw a doe and spotted twins lying in our yard taking a rest. They aren’t dangerous because they are shy of people and non-aggressive. They are beautiful creatures but a problem if trying to grow flowers.


      • guess you’d have to either grow things they don’t eat, grow things they eat so that you can bait and snap pictures, and whatever they eat and you want to grow, keep it on the windowsill? 🙂


    • Happy Friday to you too. I’m really tired tonight so I’m looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow – doing a little housework. 😦 I hope to get over to a tulip festival one day next week.


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