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Log Cabin Quilt

Log Cabin Quilt

I’m quilting again – well technically I’m piecing quilt tops together again. I leave the actually quilting – the sewing of the top to the bottom with the batting in between – to someone else who has a long-arm quilting machine. The one in the picture above is finished and I’m just starting on two more twins for our Florida guest room. I had started it over a year ago but then other things got in the way – like photography and blogging and life. The pattern I’m doing now is Friendship Braid which seems quite appropriate for a guest room used by friends. I already cut lots of pieces and started sewing the pieces into strips but it is taking more work than I had anticipated.

Pieces of the Friendship Braid quilt.

Pieces of the Friendship Braid quilt.

As any quilter will understand, I soon realized I needed a few more pieces of medium blue because I’m going to need a lot more strips than… Well, maybe I never thought about how many I would need. The pattern is for a small size and doesn’t give information about a twin size.

At the fabric store.

At the fabric store.

No problem, buying fabric gives me a better-than-coffee-and-chocolate-together high. I have even cut most of the new fabric into the required pieces so tonight I’ll start piecing again.

Cascades 044

I’m going to have to stay focused because granddaughter Emily is turning 13 this summer and today I promised her that I would make her a quilt after she decides on the pattern and the fabric.

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  1. lovely..you are still taking on huge huge jobs! congratulations to you dear fiend. another new day wih new opportunities.


  2. Pat, I’ve always admired people who can quilt and create such beautiful works of usable art. Emily is a lucky young woman to be receiving one of your beauties.


    • Thanks, Jamie. What I love about blogging is that it gives us an opportunity to learn about what others find fun and interesting. 🙂


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