Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Since I began traveling I have tried to be curious about culture. I want to experience and understand why people in other parts of the world (and outside my neighborhood) do what they do.

One of the experiences that was new and different and fun to learn about was milking a mare in Kyrgyzstan.

Milking a Mare

Milking a Mare


Drinking fresh mare’s milk. I didn’t like the fermented kumis.

To hear the whole story of how to milk a mare, click here.

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    • It is a stretch for us – but we do eat goats milk cheese. I wasn’t put off because I was intrigued and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. When my daughter first told me she drank mares’ milk I said “how in the world do they milk a mare?” So when I went there it was on my agenda to see a mare being milked – actually I wanted to milk the mare but then I saw how dangerous and difficult it was. They don’t get much milk from each horse so it is a lot of work. Horses have always been central to their culture because they have always been nomadic. I have never heard of anyone milking mares in the US.


  1. Fascinating but I’m bit grossed out by the thought of drinking mare milk. But then again, how is it different from drinking cow milk? Makes one think about how quickly preconceived ideas affect your reactions.


    • So true. It really was tasty – right out of the horse. This will gross you out – it was still very warm. You are right, there is nothing inherently more gross about horses milk than cows milk. It is just what we are accustomed to. Thanks for commenting – fun conversation. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve always been fascinated by the horse cultures… (especially since our family has 2 rescues, hee!) – and this is just fascinating, as always. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Thanks you. It is a beautiful setting – a pasture way up in the mountains. There is a lake in front of the mountains called Son Kul.


    • I was a little nervous because I know what they strain out of raw cow’s milk. But this didn’t appear to have any chunks in it. I worried whether there was any bacteria in it that my body wasn’t accustomed to. πŸ™‚


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