Photographing Sheza

I awoke eager to get up and moving this morning – even though I had a very busy yesterday, one that requires a quiet next day. This morning I was going to Lynn’s house to photograph her horse Sheza. As I was driving the country roads, with the early morning sun warming the side of my face, I noticed the car thermometer registered 31 degrees F outside (easy conversion to 0 C.). Yikes.

Lynn had just returned from her morning ride as I drove up. Adam, who lives in their pasture, was oh so excited to see Sheza return – he missed her. Sheza was just happy to be done with her morning work-out and get back to what horses like to do best. I could identify. Notice the frost on the grass?

I put on her husband’s brand new boots (really comfy) and spent the next hour or more wading around in horse manure, giddy with joy because of the beauty of the morning and the thrill of photographing these beautiful and affectionate animals.

After putting things away in the barn and playing with the cat, we sat in Lynn’s kitchen drinking tea and eating wonderful whole-grain toast with special strawberry jam. We talked about all the places in the world we would like to travel. It sounds like Iceland could be on the agenda.

Clicking on any image will allow you to see them in slideshow format so you can traipse around the mud with us.

18 thoughts on “Photographing Sheza

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    • It was perfect. Lynn knows me and is very comfortable around my camera, she loves Sheza and they thoroughly enjoy each other, and of Adam was a hoot when he was excited to see Shaza return. What I couldn’t capture was his rearing up and prancing around. Thanks for all your comments to my pics – you are such a blessing.


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