Beauty thru my Lens: Neighborhood Horses

Yesterday I woke to a hazy sun, with the promise of rain by afternoon and two more days of it after that. I decided to head out first thing to get some photos of the daffodils that grow in the park. I ended up taking lots of photos of everything BUT the daffodils in the park. My first distraction was at the corner where I could see the horses by the fence down at Holman’s farm.

horses 014horses 021horses 026horses 016

I told myself that I just had to go down and take some shots even though it was in the wrong direction. My friend Lynn wants me to take some photos of her horse to hang in a very special place in her home – and I could practice on these. The light was nice and I’m happy with my practice shots. I have found that taking photos of animals can be challenging but I’m loving the learning. Aren’t we lucky that there is an ever-ending supply of subject matter for our lens? So many pictures to be taken and so little time. Retirement is nice!

7 thoughts on “Beauty thru my Lens: Neighborhood Horses

    • Thanks, Nora. The light was good so I needed to do very little post editing. Just a little glare reduction on the fence and lightened shadows a little to show right side of his face better.


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