Word a Week Challenge: Workers

Sue at A Word in your Ear, posted the word for the week and it is “worker”. You have to remember that I’m very happily retired and so are most of my friends. I don’t go looking for work, unless you consider carrying a camera around on an assignment to find some fun and beautiful works of nature to be work. Oh yes, the word of the week isn’t play – maybe next week?

You can see how hard this word is for me, but don’t despair. As I was fixing a slice of toast with some delicious cone honey, I gave thanks for the little bees that worked so hard to make that honey. They are great little “workers”.

butterflies & bees 004

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    • Awe thanks. I am retired and take lots of photos. You don’t see all the ones that I delete and the ones that I think I might be able to fix but don’t post. My happiest moments are when I have a camera in my hand.


    • I am so happy now that I have the time and freedom to explore new fun. Work hard now and save lots and someday you will hopefully know the bliss of retirement (or you say being a pensioner, right?)


  1. Bees as great little workers, but sadly their numbers are falling dramatically…let’s hope the scientists can get to the bottom of what’s causing their decline.


      • Birds procreating? I could have sworn I saw a picture of either a bee pollinating a flower OR a massive thunderstorm refreshing a barren landscape that was captured just as mother nature rejuvenated the earth. Oops, my bad.

        Re the decline of the bee population – it is global. It is a critical issue. CCD is implicated in all areas, loss of habitat, predators, pesticides, etc. The problem thus far has been identified as multi-faceted with recommendations to treat as such. Research continues globally to identify other factors that are influencing the bees on a massive scale.
        One cannot live in the “breadbasket of America” and not know about this issue.


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