Beauty thru my Lens: Water Lilies

The water lilies stood in all their glory waiting for me to capture their beauty. Although my last trip to the Naples Botanical Gardens was to see if any new butterflies were flitting around, I couldn’t resist a walk to the ponds. The gardens looked so different because of growth after the spring rain that I took a wrong turn but when I arrived they were all smiles.

botanical garden 092 botanical garden 106 botanical garden 117 botanical garden 175

Looking at my pics from the tropical botanical garden on my computer screen while seeing the very early spring outside my window jars my mind a little. I wonder what it says about me that inhabiting two completely different worlds is discombobulating. My daffodils popped in the past 24 hours and I was going to add a photo here but they don’t grow in the tropical garden. I’ll save them for tomorrow’s post.


    • I am just learning the seasons of Florida. We are thinking of going for a week over the 4th of July so I can see what happens in summer.


    • Thank you, sherijkenned. I think I like photographing water lilies because the water and the foliage make such wonderful backgrounds. Often the water has great highlights that are fleeting and thus not noticed with our eyes. But the camera lens captures this.


      • Yes, I was chatting with another blogger about how photos can be appreciated on a different level than actually being there because they often capture something you didn’t see, or the act of cropping and freezing the action brings about something other that is appreciated in a different way. Also, it’s important to put down the camera and absorb the ‘real’ world sometimes for the same reason. Something different to notice and appreciate while you’re there.


    • Water lilies are so easy and so much fun because of the interesting backgrounds of foliage and water. Thanks, Tom. Nice to see your smiling face as I sip my coffee and start up my computer.


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