Looking for Spring

I went on a walk this morning looking for spring. The skies were gray but there was some warmth in the air – maybe a light kiss of a breeze. When the sky is so solidly gray every morning, I find that I am always scanning the sky for that almost existent place where the clouds are thin and pale blue is peaking through.  By the time I returned the sun was almost successful in breaking through the high clouds.

This small shrub down the street was budded out. I’ll have to keep an eye on it to see what it is. I am enjoying being back north where I know most of the plants.

spring walk 008

A neighbor on the other side of the block had this spring wreath on the door that brought a smile to my face.

spring walk 020-2

As I wandered around our yard I was surprised to see the vinca blooming. I didn’t realize it came out so early.

spring walk 030

These little volunteers are popping up around the garden. They are tiny and aren’t noticeable from the street but I smile when I see them on my walk to the mailbox.

spring walk 043

The azalea buds had formed last fall but I notice they are plumping up nicely. I am most happy that the deer didn’t have them for desert over the winter.

spring walk 053

My greatest excitement came from seeing our new rhubarb plants starting to sprout. I make one mean rhubarb custard pie and will have no trouble finding company to share with. But it still has a few weeks to go. It isn’t pretty like the other spring-plants, but it is beautiful because of what it promises.

spring walk 077

The hens & chicks were looking healthy and pretty, still sporting their winter color. What hardy, useful ground covers; they seem to grow well in the driest, hottest corners of my beds but also the survive the freezing cold.

spring walk 105

The brightest sign of spring, however, are the daffodils that are about ready to burst open. What is not to love about daffodils – best of all they aren’t a part of deer diets.

daffodils 008

Well, Houston Person is playing light jazz from my stereo, the sun is shining, and I am in the mood to get rid of some of my professional books and other stuff in my library so I can have room for the new photography books I’ve bought. I also feel a post bubbling up about stuff.

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    • Me, too, although it is pathetic that the prettiest sign of spring was artificial. 🙂 Oh well, when we live in the north we take what we can get and are thankful.


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