Travel Theme: Benches

Ailsa posted some wonderful benches as she introduced her theme for this week, benches. I love benches – but usually I’m sitting on them not photographing them. I remember benches from many places I have visited but when I searched my archives I didn’t find many. Maybe the title for this post should be “The Memorable Benches I Didn’t Photograph.”

Here are benches in St. John, New Brunswick that are part of wooden sculptures of urban street life.

St. John Bay of Fundy 069

St. John Bay of Fundy 070

St. John Bay of Fundy 068

But this is still my favorite bench – the bench right outside my front door that swings. Our son had it up when we returned to Michigan yesterday. Now all I need is a warm sunny morning so I can sit and sip my coffee and dream about all the photos of benches waiting to be taken.


To check out Ailsa’s great photos of benches and to see what others have caught in their lens, go to:


    • Nice to see you again, LubbyGirl. I have always loved porch swings – my aunt had one that I spent a lot of time on. A decorating magazine had a picture of a twin bed hung as a swing on a screened porch. Now doesn’t that sound like heaven!


      • oh my GOODNESS! I can picture that snooze spot! 🙂 I haven’t been doing very much on my blogs lately (lots of stuff going on at home & work), but I’m sure glad I found this today!


        • I hope your life settles down soon so you can rejoin us. If things get really stressful, you can lie down on the bed swing and I will gently push you to sleep.


        • OK – soon as I get moved! There is a ginormous tree in the front yard just BEGGING for a swing. Only…uhm…I’m not too sure what the neighbors would think of my twin bed swinging in the breeze. What a mental picture. 😆


    • Ohhhh, lots of cream, and just a little sugar if the coffee is strong. Hot, luke warm, or on ice; I’m not fussy. An almond biscotti for dunking, maybe. A good frappuccino will make me weak in the knees with pleasure. I am sitting in my favorite chair, sipping my morning coffee, watching the Michigan morning sun fighting to break through the daily cloud cover, and smiling. Can life get any better?


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