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While here in Florida, we have been attending a church that has lifted us spiritually. A major reason why attending has been so uplifting has been the music – from their wonderful organ. During Lent, the organist Dr. Brice Gerlach held Wednesday noon recitals where he talked about the organ and selected music to demonstrate what the organ can do. These are some pictures I took after one of these recitals.

pipe organ 002 pipe organ 004 pipe organ 007 pipe organ 008 pipe organ 010

What a grand instrument it is! It was built by the Ruffatti organ builders in Italy and designed specifically for this church as the church was being renovated to hold the organ components. There are 6,218 pipes that were tailor made out of the finest materials specifically for the unique acoustical environment of this church.

The beauty of this instrument is showcased by the wonderful talent of Brice Gerlach. A miracle happens every time he sits at the organ – he sprouts an extra 10 fingers and two more feet. He uses the subtle tones and ranges and stops that are available to make the organ into an orchestra.

To learn more about this organ you can go to the website of First Presbyterian Church of Naples Florida.

To see how others have interpreted the letter “O” or to provide your own pics & story, go to



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