Beauty thru my Lens: Egret

I have begun the mourning process as we pack to leave for the north. I’ll be okay because I love Michigan and that home. I’m missing my family and friends there. But I don’t want to say good-bye to all that I love at my Florida home. I’ve been close to tears all day.

One of the ways I can say good-bye is one last post from the beach. I sat my fanny down on the sand a few feet from the incoming tide and set up my tripod at its lowest level. Then I waited for the beach to happen in front of me.

An egret strutted past. They are interesting birds as they seem to be leery of people being too close but one also got really close before he startled and flew away screeching.

egrit 131

Are you alive and dangerous?

Strutting His Stuff

Strutting His Stuff

Showing off pretty feet.

Showing off pretty feet.

I also captured some nice images of sandpipers and pelicans. They will be posted in days to come. I guess this won’t be my last post from the beach after all.


    • Probably. 🙂 He seemed to get a little snooty, but then if you have his feathers, you have a right to arrogant. They sure are fun to photograph.


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