Rx: Color!

The WP Weekly Photo Challenge is color and I had been thinking of sending some strong color to friends back north. I am hoping that the color will create some heat for when we return to Michigan the end of this week.

Orchid Tree - although not a true orchid.

Orchid Tree – although not a true orchid.

Newly planted geraniums.

Newly planted geraniums.

hot flowers 051



Bougainvillea blossoms

Bougainvillea blossoms

I hope everyone in the north is feeling it warm up as they have been viewing these hot colors. Rx: Review as needed to continue to raise temperatures. I’ll see you in a week.

If this isn’t enough color, you can find more at:


24 thoughts on “Rx: Color!

    • Ah, but the bright of your green more than makes up for it. I visited in May so I didn’t see your summer blooms. What flowers do well? Roses I imagine.


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  3. It was actually a nice weekend up here. Today was a bit chillier than yesterday. But – still somewhat springlike!
    I will post a pic or two later of this weekend.
    Love the flowers you have shared here. A beautiful bouquet of spring πŸ™‚


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