Learning thru my Lens

Patience – not one of my virtues. Way back in 1981 I rewarded myself by buying a picture of a bird sitting on a nest – the title was Patience. I bought it because I was in my late 30’s, just finished graduate school, wanting to be established in my career, and feeling very impatient. I’m still working on patience.


I haven’t demonstrated much patience with photography, either. My experience with the little yellow leaf floating in space led to some self-reflection; made me think about slowing down and being more deliberate.

This morning I went to the beach with my camera and tripod. I usually don’t use a tripod because it takes too much time – it is too deliberate – it slows me down. When I have used it for photographing flowers I have been very pleased with the results so I know it helps, but…

cropped-beach-036.jpgAfter experimenting with the tripod and slow shutter speeds and a few other shots, I disconnected my camera and started chasing after photo ops. Then I stopped and decided to let beach life come to me – and it did. I realized that the beach is constantly moving and if I force myself to just stand there, to slow down, to look around, it will happen in front of me. If I’m not running and moving, I can think about what I want to capture. I can think about my time on the beach. Enjoy – and click on any image to see them as a slide show.

As I was leaving I noticed this, discarded by the trash bin…

End of summer all ready?

End of summer all ready?

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    • My pleasure. I don’t think my tripod is of high enough quality to work well. My camera doesn’t move easily when on the tripod.


  1. Oh I so know what you mean Pat ! I just get too excited and want to take a shot and then another and another …. mind you sometimes I have to juggle camera and bouncy dog on a lead 😉


  2. Pat, your patience was rewarded with some great shots. I have the same trouble with patience. I think part of the reason I think my photos were better with my old manual camera was that I took more time. Digital makes me feel like I’m SUPPOSED to be fast…:-)


    • And it doesn’t matter how many we take. I figure if I take enough, at least one of them is going to be good. When I was using film, I had to make sure every one was good – but after developing most weren’t anyway. Thanks for the encouraging comment.


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