Beauty Thru my Lens: Mockingbird Song



This isn’t a spectacular bird – easy to miss because it isn’t colorful. But boy can it belt out a powerful song. It is one of the things that I will miss most as we transition from Florida to Michigan. This is the bird that serenaded me at 2:00 am from the tree right outside my bedroom window. What a beautiful gift – for the first ten minutes but not for an hour. I have read that they will sing under nighttime yard lights – like the one on the corner of our building.

7 thoughts on “Beauty Thru my Lens: Mockingbird Song

    • I missed my birds of Michigan terribly the two winters we were in Florida. Now that I’m familiar with the bird calls here in Florida, they are more comforting. Do you hear birds where you are in South Africa?


        • Yes I am – but am kind and don’t share my song with many. 🙂 We absolutely love being south for the cold winter months and love being in Michigan for summer. My photo opportunities are doubled by living in two locations. How “double chocolate” sweet is that?


        • Perfect, Pat, and we have many friends there who do exactly as you do. We’re ‘sun birds’ and go over for the Florida winters to escape the heat and humidity in South Africa. 🙂


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