Cee’s Fun Foto: Lines

I had a lot of fun with curves and circles, so I’ve been thinking about lines. My problem is that I find photographing lines to be somewhat boring. I wrote about that when we did triangles and squares – that post really was about curves.

I’ve been looking for straight lines, because I’m trying to follow the rules. I wonder if it is significant that I’ve never been good at standing in line – I got in trouble in the second grade for that. Sometimes I even say things that are a little out of line. I admit that a straight line is functional for a bird perch, or when my plantation shutters adjust the amount of sun that comes in, when lines define colors on a display, or lines form symbols like numbers on the clock. Can you imagine curvy roman numerals?

I like lines best, however, when they intersect to form patterns (or maybe even curve a little to add some interest). But I’m not going to talk about how a curve is actually a line that isn’t straight. Or sometimes even curves so much it forms a circle. That wouldn’t be playing by Cee’s rules to do lines this week.

There, I think my second grade teacher would be proud that I stayed in line this week. Next week Cee is calling for texture so stick around. In the meantime, visit Cee to see what other folks have lined up.


17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto: Lines

    • How it worked was to put the cursor where you want the second gallery and then proceed but it will act like you are adding photos to the first one. When the second one came up it included photos from both galleries. I then edited the second one to delete the photos from the first gallery. Not intuitive or straight forward but it worked.


  1. Pat — I take back what I said about your Circles ‘n’ Curves, your Lines are even better! Great, great job. I can see improvement in your photographic acumen every time you post some more frames. Keep up the great work behind the lens.


    • Thanks for your great support, Tom. Every time I pick up my camera a learn something new about some aspect of photography. I also learn something new every time I visit your post (but not always about photography πŸ™‚ ).


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