Cee’s Fun Foto: Circles & Curves

Cee has a fun new Foto Challenge of “circles & curves”. Today we spent some time looking for furniture and while we were waiting for information I spent some time taking photos. Not only did I have fun taking pics of curves and circles, but also shine and texture. You can see them as a slide show by clicking on any pic.

To add your pictures of circles and curves or to see what others submitted, go to


14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto: Circles & Curves

  1. Love your circles. I thought I was always crazy because I loved their softness and appearance of never ending. Thanks for sharing:-)


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    • How sweet of you Cee. I’m already working on lines and thinking about textures. I’m really liking this series. Thanks for making my life so much fun. 🙂


    • How sweet of you to share your assessment. When we set out for breakfast this morning my husband laughed at me because I grabbed my camera. I then took it into the furniture store in case I wanted to photograph a sofa. Then it turned into a very fun photo shoot because the salesperson took so long copying info for us. I guess I was more successful in finding circles than a sofa. I’ll have to go to a circle store to find a sofa. 🙂


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