Tricolored Heron

Rookery 235

Every time I go through my photos I took at the Venice Rookery last week, I chuckle when I come to this one of a Tri-colored Heron. I wanted to share this photo with the hope that it brings a smile to you, too.

AND – It is just begging for a caption; I’d like to know what one you would give it.


  1. What a fun photo Pat. I hope you enjoyed the Venice Rookery. Like you, most of the birds will be leaving soon to head up north. A caption huh? How about “Oh, THAT’s where I stuck my gum!” I know, that was pretty bad :-))


    • I like yours a lot. Every time I see it I think about losing my keys. Gum is funnier. There was still a lot of nesting on the island of the rookery. One of my photos has Egret chicks in a nest = but lens wasn’t long enough and the photo isn’t clear enough to crop.


      • Definitely “the lens wasn’t long enough” is a common refrain when doing nature photography isn’t it. I still vividly remember working with a well known nature photographer who had a $12,000 US lens on the camera (a 600 mm lens with a fitting that turned it into a whopping 900 mm) and he said the same thing! Fortunately, my world of landscape photographer is a bit easier (and less expensive!). I’m glad you got to visit the rockery before you left Florida and pleased many of the birds were still there. I wish you a great weekend Pat.


  2. Love these birds. You captured a great photo of him (or her).
    My attempt at a caption: Oh dear – I think I see a grey feather! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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