Floral Friday – A Powder Puff

Powder Puff Plant

Powder Puff Plant

This plant stands out at the Naples Botanical Garden. The official name is Calliandra and this is the haemotocephala variety, native to Bolivia but very happy in central and southern Florida. It grows quickly to 10 ft. or more, with equal width. The pink that we see are actually long, silky stamens. This variety also comes in red – although I didn’t like that color as well as the pink.



  1. Hey Pat! I love this little bloom. I looks the same as the one at the Botanical Gardens here, but they called it something like, the Christmas tree plant, or some such. Now I will have to look it up. Are you excited about spring? I am…


    • I am very excited about spring – especially going back north to see spring unfold. We return the middle of April – in the meantime I’m looking forward to warmer weather in Florida and learning about birds and flowers here.


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