Beauty Thru my Lens: Hibiscus

hybiscus 028

I am in love with Hibiscus – and this one was unfurling over by the pool. I hope it warms your heart.

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  1. That is breathtakingly beautiful…much prettier than my son’s cat. You may wonder how the two could even be compared; he named his cat Hecubus, and I could never remember that, so I called it Hibiscus. He’d get irritated, I’d tell him to name it something I could remember. 😆 It was a fun time of teasing back & forth between us. Good memories, and a beautiful flower to remind me.


    • Oh LubbyGirl, this is so funny. I have a daughter who names her cats after European royalty – except for Koshka which is cat in Russian. Russian followers, please correct spelling!


  2. Beautiful! I had one that was coral colored that I loved. I brought it in one year when the summer was over and managed to keep it going for a couple of years before it died. You make me want to get another for inside the house!


  3. Love the hibiscus! Have admired them when getting my flowers in the spring, but couldn’t justify the cost for the summer. Years ago I met someone from California who said geraniums were like weeds in CA. So each year I hated to pay for them! Now I have to add hibiscus to the list!!! You do live in paradise part of the year:-)


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