Tagged I – Invigorating Beach Walk

I haven’t been very involved in life the past couple week. Haven’t wanted to get off the sofa, haven’t wanted to take photos, haven’t wanted to blog. That’s bad. I’ve exercised so it isn’t that kind of sluggishness – it is more of a mental sluggishness.

Our son and his significant other are visiting and come back from their morning walk on the beach saying the waves are really big. That gets my juices running. Most of the time we go to the beach when the surf is very gentle – and I’m currently focusing on becoming more competent at controlling shutter speed. The big waves call to me and I respond.

beach breakers 002

I step out on the beach and am instantly INVIGORATED. The wind is blowing, and the waves are crashing. The tide is coming in so it is taking over, reclaiming the beach. I take off my sandals and stand on that high point where the waves don’t seem to be washing. Within a few seconds I am wet up to my knee. I am wet, I relax and go for it.

It is INVIGORATING. My eyes are continually pulled to all the unique forms the waves take and how water and sand interact to structure each other. And I click, and click – wanting to capture it all.

beach breakers 027

beach breakers 064-2

I am further INVIGORATED when I return home to do the post-processing. What fun to see how my lens captures each unique wave. How stimulating to think about what I did and what I can do different next time. Is being eager to do it again a definition of INVIGORATED? To try again? To see if I can get better images next time?

I am excited to share the results in a post. I feel my creative juices flowing as I pick out my favorites.

beach breakers 113

beach breakers 081

There is a lot of energy on the beach and because I bring home lots of images, the energy continues.

beach breakers 034

Maybe tomorrow I will need to be calmed, and maybe tomorrow the beach will be calming. Today I am invigorated.

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    • You nailed it. It was very refreshing. It was a break in the heat and well – invigorating. Nice to see your smiling face this morning.


  1. Wow! What stunning pictures! Water can be both. You really caught their force. So different from your other pictures of the water. So many of my best memories are of lake Michigan. I love living so close that if we want to go at the last minute we can!:-) so glad you decided to go!


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