Virtual Walk On The Beach

I must be feeling a lot of guilt. Every day I am amazed and thankful that I am able to escape the gray skies and cold of Michigan but also think of family and friends I left behind to cope. I know what it is like because I spent many winters in Michigan. And I know how people feel at the end of February. They are looking forward to March because it has the promise of spring but there is also the reality of some really nasty weather.

In an attempt to alleviate my guilt and to help my northern friends escape for just a few minutes, I am taking you on a virtual morning walk on the beach. I didn’t do much walking because too many things caught my lens so it won’t be cardio-vascular for you either. This will take a little mental work on your part.

Feel the cool sand beneath your feet

and the warm sun on your arms.

Heavy dew on catamarans high up on the beach.

Smell of salt water,

gentle lapping of waves upon sand.

New tide shells

with long shadows from low morning sun.

Bird prints in the sand,

quiet sounds.

Come along.

morning beach 237

morning beach 006

morning beach 012 morning beach 108 morning beach 116

morning beach 175 morning beach 185morning beach 124

morning beach 226

morning beach 223

20 thoughts on “Virtual Walk On The Beach

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    • Thanks – I enjoyed taking them and am eager to get back. I’m working on fast shutter speeds. It has amazed me how slow the learning is with my camera. My goal is to know what I am doing so I can be more deliberate. 🙂 It is coming.


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