Sunday Post – Plains

A few hours ago I posted a Virtual Walk on the Beach because I am so happy to have my body in the warmth of Southwest Florida. I noticed, however, that the past few days I have been longing for the fields and farms of southern Michigan. What I am longing for is the sight of newly plowed fields, green winter wheat, and new crop shoots poking out the soil.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat

Local farmers in Michigan provide us with a wide variety of meat, fruits and vegetables and we know when the season for each is approaching. We know when to begin to look for them at the farm markets. We plan our lives around when we can freeze blueberries and strawberries, when tomatoes are ready for canning. We long for that first picking of fresh sweet corn.

Naples Farmer's Market 028


Because we haven’t lived in Florida through a full year, we haven’t internalized that knowledge of seasonal change. I feel a little disoriented because of it. I know there are local fields because I buy the produce at my favorite farm market – I just don’t know where the fields are. In Michigan I know the farmers and know which grows the best sweet corn and peaches and blueberries.

Blueberry Farm - Ken & Janet

Blueberry Farm – Ken & Janet

I’m not in Michigan and even if I was it isn’t the time of year to take pics of productive fields. They are lying dormant right now – frozen solid. I can meet my craving for the Michigan plains’ (I think) agriculture by visiting my photo files.

Corn Field

Corn Field in the Fall

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Plains

  1. Know what you mean about the harvest times. Last summer we had no peaches and very few apples, cucumbers or tomatoes. It really changed my world! Like something was missing. Looking forward to another and better year!:-)


    • Always fun – I look forward to seeing your theme each week. It is amazing how you frequently pick a theme that fits some photos I have just taken. Guess we much think alike. 🙂


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