Forward: Weekly Photo Challenge

There are two ways to demonstrate forward with photography. The first way is to compose an image so that it leads the eye forward. The content of the photograph helps us to think about moving forward. This image pulls me into it forward toward…

botanical gardens 168

It is also possible to have images of things that are in the act of moving forward – like these birds that were on the beach this morning.

morning beach 161

morning beach 142

On the other hand, the birds in this next photo don’t seem to be listening to the command, Forward March!

morning beach 204

Com’ on you guys, listen up. Please look at me! I’m moving forward, are you with me?

To see more interpretations of “forward” or to join the fun go to:


  1. That first photo of the columns fading into the distance is fabulous photo Pat. The composition is perfect, that curved line leads the eye right up in the image and the scene does a great job of welcoming the viewer in for a walk. I actually feel calm and refreshed just looking at it.


    • Thanks so much, Rick. I really appreciate your feedback – it is very helpful to get confirmation on something that I also think is good. I took several of this walkway from slightly different angles so I could see which worked the best. I am still at the phase of photography where I don’t know enough to be deliberate. ๐Ÿ™‚


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