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This week Frizz has posted the letter H and my photos will reflect a Historic look at some items found at the Palm Cottage in Naples, Florida. The Palm Cottage was purchased by the Historic Society and made into a museum because it was one of the first houses to be built in Naples.

Naples was established as a resort so many people relaxed on this big screened porch, sitting in the warm Florida sun as the cool gulf breeze blew through.

Palm Cottage 007

These were wealthy visitors so they would have spent time in the library, writing letters to people back home and mailing them at the post office on Naples Pier at the end of the street.

Palm Cottage 011

We were told that when one family owned the cottage, the flag flying meant that there was a party that evening and everyone was invited. I bet there was some dancing.

Palm Cottage 015

Originally the only electricity was at the hotel at the other end of the street so everyone ate there. Later a kitchen was added to the back of the cottage. Fishing and hunting were popular activities so supper would have been the fresh catch of the day. Ice was shipped from northern states packed in sawdust.

Palm Cottage 025 Palm Cottage 026 Palm Cottage 027 Palm Cottage 029

This chandelier hangs in the center hall. The center hall has doors at both ends to allow the cool breeze to blow through.

Palm Cottage 032

Here are a few other glimpses of life as it would have been lived about a hundred years ago. It isn’t that long ago – how much things have changed as history was being made in southwest Florida.

Palm Cottage 037 Palm Cottage 042 Palm Cottage 045 Palm Cottage 046

Frizz is eagerly waiting for you to visit to check out other interpretations of H and to add your own.


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    • We have been coming to Naples for 30 years and it is the first time I visited it. Of course it was a private residence when we first started coming, but it still took me a long time. Thanks for following. 🙂


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