Beauty Through My Lens – Patience

I love to watch mothers and children. In another career I received training in infant mental health which focused on the relationship between caregiver and infants. I loved the work of helping mothers overcome emotional blocks that stood in their way of relating to their infants in a way that nurtured growth. We all need relationships to help us grow.

While at the Botanical Garden photographing water lilies, I watched this mother taking pictures of her two sons. The first one was a little older and had learned how to pose. This wonderful fella was trying hard to sit on the post but it took a lot of work. He had to circle it, climb over it, turn around, kneel on and… move. Constant moving.

During this the mother patiently waited and clicked. And I patiently waited and clicked. This is so sweet, I wish I could send her a copy.

Botanical Gardens 088


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