Sunday Post: On-Going

Botanical Gardens 111

It is Jake’s Sunday Post time and I am feeling at peace. I am confident of my ongoing place in the world – even if it isn’t forever. My ongoing is for today, for this moment, as long as there is “this moment” for me. In this moment I feel joy and there is a smile on my face. In this morning moment I heard beautiful music and a meaningful message – both of which touched my soul. I shared a delicious breakfast with the man that I love and we sat and talked. We laughed at funny little things – life has many funny moments when we look for them.

Botanical Gardens 106

But life is on-going. An on-going of moments. In some of those past moments I cried – in some we cried together. The crying came from deep pain but I still remember those moments with a kind of fondness. They were a part of my life – the moments of my life and they make me who I am. I’m glad that I care enough to be hurt by life’s injustices. I’m glad that I let love in enough so that I hurt when love leaves.

Botanical Gardens 101

Life is the on-going of changing moments. Children learning to walk – away from the nest – further and further. Bodies getting older, wearing out. New moments of new opportunities for work, for love, for fun. Life’s changing moments bring loss but also new; new needs, new pleasures, new sorrow, new treasures.

Botanical Gardens 184

Life is the ongoing change of who I am and who is in my life and what is important to me. So, as I have faced and embraced all of my past life moments, I will face and embrace the ongoing moments of my future.

The photographs were taken in the Naples Botanical Gardens.

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18 thoughts on “Sunday Post: On-Going

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  2. Pat…wonderful post here…I like the fountain image…looks like you used a show shutter speed to slow down the water…I love that effect…and perfect metaphor for the on-going joys and sorrows…so hard to separate the past from the present….I’m dealing with something like that now and this was helpful…thank you!!!!


    • So happy it is useful. I am becoming increasingly aware of the power of the written word – when they are written from the heart. I also marvel in the fact that we can give healing touches to each other without ever knowing when or how. I have, for several years, used the prayer of Amy Carmichael, Lord, think through me until my thoughts become your thoughts. I am now substituting “write through me until my words become your words.”


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